Join our Digital Award Ceremony.
Join our Digital Award Ceremony.
Celebrate the brightest design talent from around the world, as we award $100,000 USD in prize money to 10 leading design concepts. To watch the full Digital Award Ceremony follow the link below.


Thank you for all the great projects that were submitted. We are glad to announce that the jury has selected the 10 winning projects and an additional 2 special mentions. Learn more about the award winners, special mentions and shortlisted projects.

Public Voting Winner

The people voted WeScope as their favorite submission from the Top 10 winning design concepts. WeScope is a low-cost digital microscope that improves education in Sub-Saharan Africa. WeScope is designed to teach medical students in Africa basic microscopy and prepare them for their future profession.

The international jury panel.

All submitted projects will be reviewed and carefully judged in a multi-stage evaluation process. The 10 winning projects will be chosen by the selected jury and announced in November 2021.

BraunPrize Jury
Promoting Good Design since 1968.

Braun celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021 and we are pleased to announce the 21st Braun Prize International Design Competition, with a virtual awards ceremony due to take place in November 2021. Established in 1968, the Braun Prize was Germany’s first international competition with the aim to promote the work of young designers. Braun’s continuous commitment to this cause has been highly regarded by the design world and the design-aware public ever since. This year, young, up-and-coming designers and inventors will be tasked with exploring good design to address and solve the challenges of today and tomorrow; and Braun’s commitment to nurturing young talent will see this year’s total prize value increase to $100,000 USD.


July 1st - September 30th 2021

Online submission has been closed.


Globally and Free to enter

Submissions from all countries will be considered. Participation is free of charge.

2 Categories

2 Categories

Students & Young Creatives with less than 5 years work experience.


100.000 USD

This years total prize value will be increased to 100.000 USD.


Design Concepts Only

Products that are on the market or in production will not be considered.


International Jury Panel

Check out the jury page to find out more about the jury panel.

Shape tomorrow

This years BraunPrize is honoring Great Designs, Visionary Ideas and Clever Solutions that will help promote behavioral change and make an impact on today’s society and the future of our planet.

„I'm excited to see what the 2021 Braunprize will unearth.“

Prof. Oliver Grabes is Head of Design at Braun and the chairman of the BraunPrize jury since 2012.

I'm excited to see what the 2021 Braunprize will unearth.

Traditionally the Head of Braun Design has been the chairman of the BraunPrize jury.

Dr. Fritz Eichler

Dr. Fritz Eichler

Chaired the jury from the first competition until 1989.

Prof. Dieter Rams

Prof. Dieter Rams

Chaired the jury until 1995.

Peter Schneider

Peter Schneider

Chaired the jury from 1999 until 2009.

The Braun Design Team at work, now as then.

How was design created back then? The design process was different. Designs were only presented with models, sometimes pulled out someone's pocket (big pockets) to put a sudden end to discussions. When designers started to draw on their drawing boards, they were so fast and noisy that it was hard to concentrate. Right next door the model makers worked in white jackets, creating an atmosphere more laboratory than model shop. A clean high precision room. All models were built in-house, sometimes just on the basis of a few words or rough sketches.

The 80s.

In the 80s Braun Design had mythical status and was discussed controversially among students. Those discussions also took place at Braun internally, and we asked ourselves, how could we transform classic Braun Design for the future? Computer aided design opened up a completely new world of possibilities. We experimented with 3D software and different interpretations of Braun design came to life as we searched for the new.


Today we found our way forward, by balancing the past with the new. This comes with a new spirit, new tools and new ways of working across the globe with colleagues in Geneva, Boston or Bejing. And yes, models are still very important - but so are renderings and animations today.

BraunPrize Jury
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