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Satin Hair 5 ST570 Multistyler mit IONTEC Technologie.

Braun Satin Hair 5 Multistyler mit IONTEC. Ein Haarglätter, der auch Locken kann. Mit aktiven Ionen für unglaublichen Glanz.


Curl shaper

It is uniquely designed to make curling as easy as straightening: the parallel ribs align and guide your hair round in a perfect circle so you can achieve exactly the curl you want.

IONTEC: Infuse your hair with ions, strand by strand.

With every stroke, millions of active ions combat the static conventional straighteners can produce. It aligns hair better and smoothes the surface for less frizz and visibly more shine.

100% ceramic eloxal plates.

They let you experience an exceptionally smooth glide through your hair. This way they will ensure healthy-looking hair. And they are basically indestructible.

Floating plate

Makes styling faster and results more even.

Advanced temperature regulation

3 temperature settings for styling that are proven to be safe.


Der Style&Go Haarglätter passt sich automatisch an jede Spannung zwischen 100 V und 240 V an, für perfekte Ergebnisse zu Hause oder auf Reisen.

Cool tip

For safe handling and easy styling. Great for waves and curls.


Temperature range


Heat up time

40 sec.