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Portable Air Quality Monitor for Urban Cities

Designed by Ajharul Choudhury

About the project.
Air pollution has been a constant global concern for the modern world. 91% of the population has pollution levels above the healthy limit. Many cities do not accurately report on air quality, compromising the public’s awareness of the pollution around them. Existing monitoring devices can help provide information to users, but current devices either do not monitor Particulate Matter, the most prevalent pollutant, or are not portable. In these devices, the data is also unclear as there is a poor level of visual feedback.

The aim of this project is to improve the clarity and accuracy of air quality information available to people in urban cities. Aero is a portable air monitor with multiple ways to carry, allowing it to stay with the user throughout the day, providing information on air quality in their immediate area all day. Aero features sensors that monitor the key pollutants found in urban air, including Particulate Matter, unlike existing devices. It uses their measurements to create an overall rating out of 100, which is displayed on the device using an LED ring that changes between five colours depending on how clean the air is. A thorough design process has been followed to create a unique form factor that is easy to carry and optimises airflow. The design prioritises information as users can quickly understand the quality of air by taking a glance at the large LED ring featuring the intuitive colour system.

Aero has an app, enabling users to gain deeper insights into air quality, as well as unique features and personalised advice. Working together, the device and the app provide a clearer idea on air quality, making users aware of the negative impacts poor air quality can have, and how to make smarter choices to reduce their exposure to pollutants in the future.

The Designer.
Ajharul Choudhury

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Aero - Portable Air Quality Monitor for Urban Cities
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