Shortlisted Projects


Autonomous Medical Utility Vehicle

Designed by Max Holstein

About the project.
In the context of my diploma thesis, I studied the potential of the marketplace. Marketplaces enable interaction and social participation. Services can be brought to the people without isolation or paternalism. Therefore, they have a profound potential for the future quality and guarantee of healthcare.

Increasing migration is causing a shortage of medical care in rural regions. This affects especially elderly people, who need different doctors due to multimorbidity. The distances involved are becoming increasingly long, because rural communities and the „country doctor“ scenario are not an attractive perspective for many young physicians. In order to counteract this trend, I have designed a mobile practice concept that counteracts multimorbidity through specialist modules and, in addition, meets the requirements of a modern workplace and patient-oriented service. The demand in a community is determined by real-time data analysis of neural networks in the care center. This results in a weekly schedule, whereupon the AMUV moves to the communities at night, autonomously and in an energy-saving manner with the respective specialist module. In doing so, it specifically targets public buildings or marketplaces as assembly points.

For treatment, the modules brought along move to the outside, which are operated by a community care worker. The latter also takes on the position of the caregiver‘s role on site, while the doctor is only present for diagnosis using telemedicine.

The Designer.
Max Holstein

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project AMUV - Autonomous Medical Utility Vehicle
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