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Analytic bumblebee nest box for agricultural landscapes

Designed by Charlotte Schierning

About the project.
Intensive agriculture is one of the main reasons for today's insect die-offs. Currently, there is a lack of advice and validation of agri-environmental measures to promote insect populations. On the new agri-environmental measures platform, farms will be suggested suitable measures based on their type of farming, size of fields and geographical location. Due to the central platform, measures can be compared, validated and improved nationwide. The platform also provides administrative support for farmers. For example, reminders for mowing the flower strip.

Ana is part of this new system and an analytical bumblebee nest box to validate agri-environmental measures. Bumblebees are considered an indicator species for measures due to their sensitivity. The nest boxes are funded and issued by the federal government. The farmer takes care of the installation and maintenance. The nest box uses cameras to record the bumblebee species, the vitality and the attached pollen.

In accordance with the principle of population-friendly monitoring, the cameras work with red flashlight, which is not perceptible to the bumblebee’s vision. Breathable ceramic used for the main body has a climate-regulating effect. The dead bumblebee nest can also be sent in for further genetic analysis. The measurement data collected is used to provide farmers with recommendations for action for the coming year, such as networking measures or regionally adapted seed mixtures.

The Designer.
Charlotte Schierning

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project ana - Analytic bumblebee nest box for agricultural landscapes
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