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Next-gen ECG

Designed by Tim Schwarz, Johannes Rieder, Jacob Emil Ingemann Jensen, Marius Kindler

About the project.
ECG monitoring is one of the most fundamental vital sign measurements carried out in hospital intensive care units. The sensor setup often must stay on the patient's body for weeks, gets unplugged, cleaned, and is part of many daily routines for caregivers. Managing the current five-cable ECG monitoring setup can be a real challenge for healthcare professionals, as they spend a lot of time untangling and rearranging these wires. The multitude of cables means a lot of effort for intensive care nurses and causes discomfort for the patients as they are slowing down their recovery process by limiting their ability to move.

Our concept reduces this five-cable ECG monitoring setup to an elegant single-line solution that feeds the data wirelessly into the current system. This new sensor array consists of a single flexible cable with sensor clips arranged freely on the patient's chest and adjusted in length to achieve an optimal fit for every body size or shape. The device is designed to sit on the human skin; its minimal shape makes it easy to clean and intuitive to handle and declutters the patient's appearance. The attachment of the sensor array follows international healthcare standards and can be carried out without applying pressure to the skin or hurting the patient. The head of the device is placed on the shoulder, where a subtle status interface is accessible even when the patient’s chest is covered. The battery can be exchanged easily, while the rest of the sensor setup remains in place.

Array is a vision for an ECG monitoring setup of a new generation that could be implemented in the current practice of intensive care. It helps to streamline the workflow of health care professionals and improves the patient's comfort during intensive care treatment.

The Designers.
Tim Schwarz
Johannes Rieder
Jacob Emil Ingemann Jensen
Marius Kindler

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project ARRAY - Next-gen ECG
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