Shortlisted Projects

Bean Guardian

Recycled planting equipment

Designed by Fang-Ping Hsu

About the project.
Bean Guardian is a recycled planting equipment that captures dew from the air for bean cultivation and can improve food shortages, water and farming in many parts of the West African country.

Built from locally produced Oxytenanthera, elephant Grass, and sisal, the center is made of bamboo as the skeleton and foundation of the equipment, then weave a mesh structure with bamboo flakes that intercept moisture in the air, which can condense dew and flow into a shelf made of elephant grass, the cover is a traditional fabricn made from sisal, which reduces the loss of moisture in space. And the beans will grow into bean sprouts after four days on the shelf, which can be consumed or sold. Some bean sprouts can be planted in the bottom open area, after about 60 days, the seedlings grow to form new beans to harvest and reach circular agriculture.

The Designer.
Fang-Ping Hsu

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Bean Guardian - Recycled planting equipment
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