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Electric Rideshare Bike

Designed by Francis Lin, Victoria Chiang, Omari Hitson Nico

About the project.
Existing rideshare bikes are a compromise. Bike-sharing is perceived solely as a utilitarian service and provides a lackluster experience. This is because 100% of bike-shares are cruisers. While cruisers are easy to mount and ride on flat grounds, they are slow and difficult to ride on hilly terrains.

Unlike its competitors, Dart has the speed and visuals of a performance bike while maintaining accessibility with a step-through frame. The pivoting bike stem, combined with its unique mid-rise frame, makes Dart the first ride-share bike to have transformable riding characteristics. The pivoting handlebar enables a dynamic shift between a focus for comfort versus a focus for speed; this in combination with the electric motor enables riders to adapt to the changing city terrain, allowing the bike to conquer hills where typical cruiser ride-share bikes would struggle. This empowers users to feel in control of their life, in both performance and style. Whereas current bikeshares have a lock module on only one side of the bike, Dart’s lock module can accept the integrated cable lock from either side, which simplifies the parking process for the user and increases the likelihood that Dart will get parked and locked properly to bike racks.

The segmented LED indicator on the battery module notifies riders of its battery life and ensures that passersby notice the bikes from a distance, even in the dark. The modular components, including the electric battery and lock compartment, can be easily accessed by Dart’s maintenance team, reducing downtime for any vehicle. The design and proportion of the bike inspire confidence, encouraging users to incorporate cycling as a part of their lifestyle, and take pride in looking stylish on commutes. By riding Dart, users can reduce their carbon footprint, and have a healthier, bike-centric lifestyle.

The Designers.
Francis Lin
Victoria Chiang
Omari Hitson Nico

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Dart - Electric Rideshare Bike
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