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Locally produced yoghurt from Bhaktapur

Designed by Dhiraj Manandhar

About the project.
I'm a designer from the city of Bhaktapur, Nepal, which is experiencing a change in its material culture. Exploiting foreign material has disrupted locally sustained design eco-systems. This project aims to show a potential design solution for the locally produced yogurt, involving local materials and people with intergenerational skills. Dhau seeks to understand the people’s relationship with their materials, and through a deep exploration of usability, design scalability and presentation, show how older designs may be rejuvenated to adapt to modernity without sacrificing functionality.

This project showcases the connection between people and design, and how design should anticipate the needs of the people while being meaningful to, and transformational in, the society. Embracing design ethos of visual and formal unambiguity as designing objects and graphics takes physical space, but that space is often cluttered with distracting additions or information to create transformational and innovative designs to rejuvenate and improve upon traditional objects and ideas.

The Designer.
Dhiraj Manandhar

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Dhau - Locally produced yoghurt from Bhaktapur
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