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Medical Product Delivery

Designed by Nurettin Badur

About the project.
Drobo is a friendly, autonomous robot for delivering medical products. While pharmacies are considered essential businesses that will stay open during the widespread shutdowns, many people are avoiding public places to help protect themselves and others from COVID-19 and they prefer home delivery instead of going to the pharmacy or grocery store. Drobo delivers medical products safely for patients who cannot go to the pharmacy.

With its large display, the robot can provide instructions about medical products while performing the delivery process. It also can give information to people about their health by making rapid medical tests like Covid-19 test, blood oxygen tests and can send these test results directly to their physicians as well. The robot has four wheels and an electrical engine. The batteries aim to provide six to eight hours of charge for continuous use, and the robot stops and charges themselves wirelessly between tasks. Drobo also has a drone suspended on the back part. It is on a rail that links it up to the cargo zone in order to fly off with the medications thanks to grips that goes into the small storage box. Therefore, the drone makes it easier to deliver medical products to high buildings.

The Designer.
Nurettin Badur

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project DROBO - Medical Product Delivery
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