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DTS 01

Drilling Targeting Systems

Designed by Mehmet Mehmetalioglu

About the project.
The aim of the project is to study aerospace assembly and uncover the problems in the sector, create a healthier and more comfortable working environment for employees, and develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the sector. Aircraft production is rapidly increasing worldwide, and the sector is no longer able to meet this demand. As a result, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are looking for new solutions for production and assembly that speed up and fine-tune the production process.

DTS intends to solve an aerospace assembly problem. More specifically, it involves the joining of fuselage and ribs. My concept aims to speed up the workflow and reduce the need for highly skilled workers. DTS reduces human error and increases accuracy during assembly.

The product consists of two main units, namely the modular target unit and the drilling unit. The target unit uses ultrasonic technology to detect the position of the hole on the outside of the fuselage. The drilling unit then snaps onto the target part and DTS automatically drills the final hole without damaging the surface.

Jury statement.
„DTS is a drilling system specifically addressing a challenge in the airplane industry making invisible things visible – this is likely a very specialized issue but why not? Design is about carrying the detail. The designer studied work processes at Airbus and invented a smart tool that can dramatically ease the production process of things. Is it only more convenient? No, if executed right – it makes the product safer, and this is again a very fundamental need in this industry. By the way, great prototyping, and fantastic craftsmanship.“ – Stefan Schamberg


Umeå University, Sweden, MFA in Advanced Product Design

Mehmet Mehmetalioglu
BraunPrize Winner Students DTS 01 - Drilling Targeting Systems
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