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Sustainable learning toy

Designed by Katy Thomas

About the project.
Emoshi is a sustainable learning toy designed to teach children how to express their emotions in order to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. There are a whole rainbow of emotions, just as there is colours. We do not just teach children red and blue, so why do we only teach the emotions happy and sad?

In order to shape tomorrow, we need to change the things we are doing today. emoshi aims to improve mental health and wellbeing, along with aiding children with the skills they need to communicate effectively. To achieve this, emoshi contains a range of interactive activities to help children to learn the names and feelings of different emotions, allowing them to explain how they are feeling in order to receive the relevant care. Studies have proven that stress and anxiety is a huge problem for young children. One of the main causes of stress and anxiety is children’s inability to communicate their emotions. This can lead to the miscommunication of emotions, resulting in children receiving the incorrect care. Furthermore, research has proven more play is necessary to provide children with the mental stimulation that they require to develop.

The emoshi pack includes an interactive book that guides carers through the play so that they are able to teach their child how to communicate their emotions. The product helps children to understand eight key emotions; excited, scared, happy, okay, sad, confused, bored and poorly. The minimalist stylisation of the emoshi’s expressions are easy for young children to identify and understand. The ergonomic form of the emoshi’s ensures that they are comfortable for young children to hold and interact with. Additionally, the angled flat faces enable the user to see the emoshi’s expression when positioned below the eye line.

The Designer.
Katy Thomas

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project emoshi - Sustainable learning toy
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