Shortlisted Projects

Farmland Guardian

Agricultural equipment.

Designed by Fang-Ping Hsu

About the project.
Farmland Guardian is a piece of agricultural equipment that attracts locusts and converts them into fertilizer through bionic nepenthes. Reducing economic and agricultural losses caused by locust plagues in the Middle East and Africa, generates electricity by foot and turns internal gears, attracts locusts with infrared radiation and 4-vinylanisole.

Using the bionic technique of pig cage grass, the bottom layer of the Teflon of Porous/Textured Solid is then injected with lubrication fluid to form a nano-thick immiscible liquid. Clog the insect’s footpad, can leaving it unable to stick to the surface and escape and hangs locusts for agricultural fertilizer use. Improves the problem of producing a large number of HCN toxins affecting soil and human body after locust death, heating and brittle the locust shell as a calcium supplement for sandy soil. Farmland Guardian can move by hand or by connecting vehicles, allowing poor areas to use locusts as edible or agricultural fertilizers to reduce the damage locust pests cause to the environment and residents.

The Designer.
Fang-Ping Hsu

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Farmland Guardian - Agricultural equipment Video
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