Shortlisted Projects


Eco-friendly Tampon Packaging

Designed by Mirjam Bauer, Nora Karl, Maureen Madou Seel

About the project.
Tampons are an indispensable part of women’s lives. However, many people are unaware that tampons should never be flushed. They block pipes, end up in rivers and coastal waters, thus polluting the sea and having a harmful impact on marine environment at a global level.

Fulfil is a paper based packaging offering a smart solution to these problems. Each tampon comes with a folded sanitary disposal box. Unlike conventional tampon packagings, fulfil provides the whole usage process. Focusing both on the disposal of the old and removal of the new tampon, fulfil ensures an intuitive and sustainable tampon experience. Box it and bin it. But don’t flush it.

The Designers.
Mirjam Bauer
Nora Karl
Maureen Madou Seel

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project fulfil - Eco-friendly Tampon Packaging
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