Shortlisted Projects

Honest Coffee Brewer

A trustworthy and eco-conscious "pod-less" coffee brewer

Designed by Francisco Rojas Miranda

About the project.
Coffee pods look like the easiest and simplest way of having professional coffee in the comfort of home or work. Nevertheless, this system turns out to be more expensive than buying loose coffee without even touching the fact that these single-serve coffee containers are in general not easily recyclables and doesn't offer an eco-friendly solution.

The concept aims to answer these issues. First, the over-engineered coffee extractions systems that doesn't incorporate circular economy concepts. Secondly the lack of quality in tactile feedback in most of the kitchen appliances. In addition the ruthless growing coffee market and its environmental and social consequences. In a market over-flooded with coffee extraction technologies, the goal was to create a device that uses proved technology with a new way to interact with; the same coffee quality delivered in a different and trustworthy way that enhances the experience trough so called mechanical certainties. Sounds and tactile feedback to deliver a honest and longer lasting experience in order to spark emotional relationships with products; Emotional design as a strategy to reduce reduce overconsumption.

The proposal consists in a compact brewing machine as convenient as capsule based one, like a basic Nespresso, but instead of using any coffee capsule the coffee loading is made trough a spoon that works at the same time as a filter. This spoon&filter device suppress the single-serve coffee pods and allows the user to choose his/her own blend and roast. In this design, the coffee making experience is enhanced and delivered through tactile and audible feedback made by the internal mechanisms, also known as a clicks, without using any kind of mechanical button. A proposal inspired in the honest experience and haptics that an aluminium Italian mokka offers.

The Designer.
Francisco Rojas Miranda

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Honest Coffee Brewer - A trustworthy and eco-conscious "pod-less" coffee brewer
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