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A Manifesto for Solidarity Borders

Designed by Mitja Behnke

About the project.
The increase in migration has resulted in less European cooperation and stronger border control arrangements. As we pursue a security policy to overcome our fears, we are locking ourselves into ""Fortress Europe"". It is not a question of solving the migration crisis but the crisis of our borders and solidarity. Rather than welcoming asylum seekers through deterrence and misinformation, let us offer them support that is in line with international conventions.

Set up by the European Union, and adapted by national governments, InEurope is a reception, support and orientation system for asylum seekers at European borders. Deployed at legal entrances to European territory (airports, train stations, harbors, etc.), this site is intended to anticipate successful integration while being part of a European policy based on solidarity.

InEurope would bring together two entities: NGOs and the OFPRA (French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons). With the overall aim of informing and empowering exiles, InEurope guides them through the social, cultural, and administrative border. Users are taken through a five-part process as they familiarise themselves with the country they are about to enter, learn about the host country’s culture and values, the facilities available to them, their rights and civic duties as an asylum seeker, and the next steps of their integration process. In short, the In Europe project, through several strong symbols, would make it possible to avoid the wandering of immigrants, to establish better quality support for asylum seekers and to homogenize naturalizations on the European territory.

The Designer.
Mitja Behnke

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project InEurope - A Manifesto for Solidarity Borders
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