Shortlisted Projects


Modular Camera System

Designed by Edwind Tan

About the project.
Inspired by Lego building blocks, IRIS is a modular camera system optimized for media content creation. Equipped with the attachments needed by a modern creator, IRIS ensures a smooth filming experience by focusing on compact equipment storage, battery longevity and seamless equipment transitions.

Looking at the logistics required by the modern-day media content creators, I noticed the large and bulky peripherals these creators must bring out during shoots, additional batteries, cables, chargers and even drones. This observation sparked my interest in modularity as having the peripherals be in the same ecosystem as the camera dramatically shrinks down the size of the peripherals and wires are no longer required due to the integration of seamless charging.

The Designer.
Edwind Tan

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project IRIS - Modular Camera System
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