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CPR+AED small effort big impact

Designed by Hsin Yuan Kuo, Nicholas Prawira

About the project.
According to statistics, cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. Most of the bystanders don't know the proper technique and strength required in performing CPR. Also, after performing CPR for about one and a half minutes, a bystander will start to get exhausted, resulting in less and less effective CPR.

LightAid aims to help rescuers perform more efficient bystander CPR. By using Pascal's law in a hydraulic system to enhance the force, rescuers can reserve more energy to perform longer effective CPR. LightAid also comes with a built-in AED to increase a patient's survival rate. LIGHTAID also guides through the process of rescue, with voice prompts and reminder lights to assist bystanders to accomplish the proper technique of first-aid. The triangular shape of the device has a purpose to assist users in intuitively placing the AED device and electrode pads to the guided area of the body. There are clear illustrations on the AED electrode pads to indicate the area. Reminder lights are located on both sides of the CPR grip to help users know if their strength and delivery rate are effective, and AED electric shock warning lights warn users not to touch the patient when AED is analyzing and also when an electric shock is about to be delivered.

The strap is used to tighten the device to the body so it won't easily slip or move when performing CPR. When installing, the bystander only requires to raise the arms without lifting the entire body. The strap serves as an alignment during fitting and also for tightening the device to the body by using the weight of the arms to press against the strap since the strap contains aluminum wires.

The Designers.
Hsin Yuan Kuo
Nicholas Prawira

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project LIGHTAID - CPR+AED small effort big impact.
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