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Made of one piece, one material

Designed by Ronan Le Vacon

About the project.
Mono is a collection of everyday objects made of one material, one piece. The idea came from noticing that most of the objects that surround us are made of several parts and materials, making them harder to produce and recycle.

A peeler, a toothbrush, a cap, a sharpener, a wall-mounted mirror and a pair of sunglasses - to be extended to other typology of objects. The main purpose of this project is to seek the economy of means, resource and form, to make these products accessible and sustainable. Accessible in their function and their price; Sustainable in their durability and their recyclability.Their forms are not accidental nor irrelevant. They are defined by both their manufacturing process and their final purpose, where losses are minimal to optimize materials use. Superfluous details are put aside to deliver archetypal products that visually appear to reduce design aesthetics to focus more on how things are made than how they look. Manufacturing processes are optimized as well, with as little steps as possible, to create affordable objects price-wise.

The aim of this mono-transformation is to further provide objects that are long-lasting and can be easily recycled once fully used. Imagine a standard peeler and the ways to thoughtfully and easily recycle this entity usually fusing metal, wood, sometimes plastic. It’s a reflection about the life-cycle of today’s utilitarian objects and the way we produce and consume them. A new way to think and shape tomorrow.

The Designer.
Ronan Le Vacon

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Mono - Made of one piece, one material
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