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A Smart Wheelchair For Airports

Designed by Ming Sum Kwan

About the project.
Research shows airport service for passengers with disabilities growth everywhere is dramatically outpacing overall air travel growth, and the PRM (passengers with reduced mobility) passenger traffic will double every 4 to 5 years. With the world's ageing population and the increasing number of travellers, wheelchair service at airports will become more demanding and intensive, which would increase the labor of assistance providers.

Traditional airport wheelchairs are practical in terms of safety and space efficiency, yet they could still be laborious for airport staff to push numerous passengers and carry cabin luggage during service. Public wheelchairs are commonly scattered around the airport or stolen if passengers do not return them properly. MOTRI is a trolley wheelchair sharing system, passengers can use it as a motorised luggage trolley or wheelchair, or both. Since it does not only benefit wheelchair users, the object itself becomes more inclusive and less stigmatising.

With the aid of electric-powered wheels, MOTRI reduces airport attendants' physical workload as it requires the least force to push even overweight passengers. The wheelchair is equipped with technology that when it is not in use, it returns to the battery charging station autonomously which eliminates the problem of scattered wheelchairs. Like the airport baggage carts, the wheelchair is also nestable.

The Designer.
Ming Sum Kwan

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project MOTRI - A Smart Wheelchair For Airports
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