Shortlisted Projects

New Work

Flexible Home Office Concept

Designed by Lars Schiwietz, Lucy Braun

About the project.
New Work is an ensemble of furniture that supports multiple home-based ways of working and activities. It makes it possible to react flexibly to everyday situations in order to better unite private and work life. The ensemble consists of three pieces of furniture that work together as a system, and also individually. The connecting element is the Tray.

Tray - While work and private life become more compatible, people are interrupted more easily when working from home compared to the workspace. Our Tray is a portable workspace. It allows you to decide for yourself where you want to work. For example: you can spread it out on the kitchen table and - if you have an unexpected visit or lunch - you can close the tray and put it aside anywhere without cleaning up. At a later time the tray can be called up in exactly as it was to instantly continue the interrupted work. The flexible edge turns a work surface into a storage box.

Trolley - A good working environment provides a variety of postures and movements. Any position we adopt for too long affects our body in a negative way. Adjustable in height, the trolley is a desk that allows you to work both sitting down and standing up. There is not always enough space at home to get out of each other´s way while working. With our trolley you can take your working space with you while you switch to another room.

Bench - Working at home can be very exhausting in the long run because there is a lack of new impressions from the environment. That´s a pity, because nature has a regenerating effect on us and increases our well-being. Bench uses the space in front of the window to create new thoughts and to enjoy the screen-free break.

The Designers.
Lars Schiwietz
Lucy Braun

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project New Work - Flexible Home Office Concept
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