Shortlisted Projects

parcels rethought

A new approach for deliveries in cities

Designed by Niklas Muhs, Franziska Dehm, Bernd Brüssing

About the project.
The concept parcels rethought focuses on current problems in the delivery industry. during our research we found out that sales in e-commerce are exploding while cities infrastructures are breaking together. furthermore are deliveries today associated with long waiting times and walking distances, failed attempts of delivery and a lot of packaging waste.

Our project focusses on problems in big cities and rethinks an already existing delivery system in a more environmentally friendly way. we combined the more efficient systems with loops for reusable, repairable and recyclable shipping boxes. To be able to use our solution on a large scale and make it more viable we tried to minimise technological efforts especially in assembly and construction of the boxes. the system offers not only more efficiency, but also more insight for the user and the most flexible and easy way to interact with delivery services. for the appearance we had to consider environmental integratability of the station in cities, but also easy recognition of lost boxes to reincorporate them into the reuse, repair and recycle circles.

The simpler and therefore faster deliveries enable to lower the price of deliveries and enable more cycles a day. this can enable also small companies to stay competitively against bigger e-commerce companies that can afford to offer same day deliveries. At the end of the project, a system emerged with reusable containers, built-in chips for faster tracking, no waiting time for deliverers and lower shipping costs. Also a more efficient last mile, more efficient stacking during transport, less damage to the shipped goods and last but not least no waste.

The Designers.
Niklas Muhs
Franziska Dehm
Bernd Brüssing

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project parcels rethought - A new approach for deliveries in cities
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