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IoT Stethoscope

Designed by Shreyans Bhandari

About the project.
Stethoscopes take up space, are uncomfortable in the ears, have low sound sensitivity and no audio filtration, can’t record or retrieve sound and have a restrictive clinical aesthetic.

Steto is a sleek and ergonomic stethoscope, digitally filters ambient sound, plays on built-in speaker or earphones, records and syncs with phone app with smart tools, recharges wirelessly. Signals received are played on speaker, wired or wireless earphones. Captured data syncs with app to share with doctor or caregiver, analyze the waveforms and receive intelligent suggestions. For doctors, caregivers and patient’s self use. Design locus is the finger loop, allowing users to freely handle, gently push down to pick up body sounds, and enable human touch and care.

The Designer.
Shreyans Bhandari

Braunprize Shortlisted Project Steto - IoT Stethoscope
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