Shortlisted Projects

Trojan Vacuum

Emphasizes the home in home appliance

Designed by Tobias Bihlmeyer, Ivo Erichsen

About the project.
TROJAN VACUUM is our initial project that combines the functionality of an industrial vacuum cleaner with the aesthetic and beneficial qualities of minimalistic furniture design that emphasizes the home in home-appliances. The application of biodegradable materials such as cork offers integration into the circular material flow, reducing its footprint lastingly.

We focus on repairable design and the reduction of plastics to a minimum. The aesthetic and the transformative qualities create a long-lasting and sustainable product that considers the fact that the average usage of a vacuum is only 16 minutes per week. At the remaining 10.064 minutes it's unwanted and hidden. Having in mind that living space is a precious good, we designed the Trojan vacuum shifting the focus from usage to a more holistic and realistic view. Creating a vacuum that becomes part of the interior by functioning ON and OFF.

The Designers.
Tobias Bihlmeyer
Ivo Erichsen

Braunprize Shortlisted Project Trojan Vacuum - Emphasizes the home in home appliance
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