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A portable device for emergency hypoxia treatment in extreme altitudes

Designed by Patrick Krassnitzer

About the project.
Ascending to high altitudes can cause severe threats for the human body. Hypoxia, the lack of oxygen due to a low atmospheric pressure is a major danger at great heights. Millions of people live in or travel to elevated areas, means that mountain sickness due to hypoxia is a public health problem in many countries. The worst forms of mountain illness are lung and brain edemas that are life threatening and potentially fatal. Within the last years the global trend of mountain climbing or trekking in high altitudes have led to increasing numbers of tourists in remote mountain areas. Due to a lack infrastructure and especially bad accessibility in mountain areas it is very challenging to support people with first aid and transport.

Vento is a compact and portable continuous positive airway pressure mask designed for emergency hypoxia treatment in high altitudes. It is designed for durability and easy usage under extreme situations and rough conditions by non-medically trained users. The product is foldable and therefore easy to stow and carry. It can be packed in a backpack for trekking tours and high-altitude expeditions. But it can also be placed at specific locations like high altitude accommodations, airports and cable car stations.

Vento enables pressure treatment on the lung which increases the blood oxygen saturation in the human body. In other words, the device enables the patient to breathe pressurized air and therefore simulates a quick descent. This can temporarily cure mountain sickness and lung edemas and helps the patient to descent to life saving lower elevations.

The Designer.
Patrick Krassnitzer

BraunPrize Shortlisted Project Vento - A portable device for emergency hypoxia treatment in extreme altitudes
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